About Us

It was in 2005 that we decided that we needed a four legged companion in our house.

We quickly decided on a Newfoundland. After a lot of research and emails we were put in touch with Willie Dobbin, chairman of the Newfoundland Club of Ireland. Willie invited us up to see his dogs, and on arrival, we found ourselves in a kennel with a very big, black, slobbery boy.

When we left the kennel covered in hair and slobbers, but with big smiles on our faces, Willie told us to come up to Belfast Dog Show and he’d introduce us to a breeder who was hoping to have pups soon – we had passed the test.

At the Belfast show we met Paul Patterson of Wilderland Newfoundlands, and the lovely Byron. This was the start of a very good friendship, and our love affair with Newfoundlands.

Three months later our first boy, Morgan, was born. A long 8 weeks later we headed to Durham to bring the most adorable baby home.

We had been told that Newfoundlands were addictive, this is true. One year later our second boy, Sanchez was born, another Wilderland baby. Sanchez was to be our show boy, and he did us proud.

After another year, a girl, Tayla, came along (yet another Wilderland puppy), and our family was complete.

Great times were to follow, water work, showing, and just having fun with our dogs – but then great sadness when we lost our two boys very young and only 7 months apart.

A very lonely Tayla and an empty house then led us to the next part of our adventure, puppies for Tayla and a new boy coming in from Belgium.

Good times are around the corner again!

David and Diane Morrow.