Wilderland Serafina Pekala at Stormwardens EJW09 (Tayla)

Tayla was next to join our family in 2008, a sweet loving, head strong girl! She is known as Tayla the bear or more often Tayla the terrorist. Tayla knows what she wants and likes to be top dog, she used to bully poor Morgan and Sanchez, but like the rest of us misses them now they are gone.

It probably seems strange to say that a dog that won European Junior Champion in 2009 doesnt like showing but Tayla could take it or leave it, preferably leave it. She will show for Diane but is more likely to lie on her back, in show stance, when David shows her. As the happiness of our dogs is far more important to us than the show results we retired her from the ring early. She is now a lady of leisure….

Tayla is a big girl, but we like the Newfoundlands to be big, they are a giant breed after all. Because of her size, when she was showing, she seemed to dwarf a lot of the other bitches in her class, some judges thought this an advantage some didn’t. But we had fun anyway!

Tayla is a very sweet natured girl and a great watchdog but she is afraid of the dark, when it gets dark at night she will bark for us to either let her in or put the light on for her. Hard to believe such a big dog can be such a wuss.